The TSIndex, launched in March 2017, is a crowd-sourced online interactive platform that measures the impact of the Tunisian Startups on the local economy and tracks the startups’ entrepreneurial ecosystem evolution. It brings more transparency and insignts in the new rising pillar of the Tunisian economy. It gathers input data about the startups business activities, like mainly: Turnovers, Number of Employees, Export, Online transactions etc. and it aggregates the data in Numbers and Charts. It is also a tool that ables the startups to assess the business environment.
The project is led by TunisianStartups and co-financed by The Friedrich Naumann Stiftung Für die Freiheit - Tunisia.
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Focus on Startups

The TSI focus mainly on startups, their business activity facts as Turnovers, Employees, Export and the business environment these are progressing in.


The unique data source of the platform are the startups themselves.

Real-time Updates

The TSI is so designed that the results are updated in realtime, i.e.: any change in the input, impacts the final results.


The main objective of the TSI is to give insights on performance of Tunisian startups and provide entrepreneurs or stakeholders with measures about the startups themselves or their impact on the Tunisian economy. Moreover, TSI will be accessible publicly allowing:


TSI provides data about the markets and industries in which startups are acting. It is going to tackle the lack of market and industry data one of the major issues, when it comes to market research.

Policy makers

TSI helps quantify the role and the weight of the Tunisian Startups in the Tunisian economy. It will give policy makers real numbers and facts about i.e.: the employment rates, the innovation created by startups, the foreign currencies etc.


TSIndex help Investors to identify investment opportunity accroding to his own strategy by granting access to investment-ready startups. The Investor profile is key profile designed to business angels or institutional investors.

Business Developer

TSIndex help Individual or Institutional Business Developers to have access to market-mature startups’ services and products. It gives the access to innovation as a part of the R&D strategy, that might added the portfolio.


Le TSIndex is a indicator of the Tunisian Startups’ valuation of the business environment and the ecosystem, where they act. The calculus of the index is based on quantifying the 6 ecosystems pillars ( Regulation, Financing, Entrepreneurial Culture, Markets, Human Capital and Infrastructure) weighted according to the crowd (startups) pillars’ relevance and compounded by the total startups turnover.

The TSIndex depends directly upon the startups’ rating and valuation of the ecosystem and the total turnover realized by the startups. Its improvements mirrors a better startups ecosystem and more revenues generated.


TunisianStartups acts as a federator in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The same approach has been applied on the TSIndex. Each Contributor has provided his services, his support, his key competences and skills to help succeed this endeavor.

  • The Foundation Friedrich Naumann Stiftung Für die Freiheit -


    Has co-financed the TSIndex. The foundation helped the project team from the ideation to the launch phase.


    Has co-financed the platform devolepment and its Hosting. Its Founder Zied Ouled Ali is leading the project.

  • MMs Factory

    Has led the digital marketing